Blender Guns

3D Modelling, Weapon Design

Project Overview

The experience that I had with the 3D modeling software Blender was the exact opposite of my experience using Adobe Illustrator: I watched a few YouTube tutorials and hit the ground running! (The mechanics of Adobe Illustrator often eldue and frequently frustrate me) I have been a staunch advocate and participant in the field of 2D art/animation and had little interest using 3D software for most of my adolescence and adult artistic journey. I didn't have anything against it, I just always felt more comfortable and interested in 2D animation. I used to (and still do) enjoy sculpting with things like polymer clay or "green stuff," but I hadn't ever tried any digital software. That is, until I finally downloaded Blender in order to create simple polygonal objects to import into the 2D animation software I use and trace over. Once I started using the software, something about it just clicked and I continued to make more weapons designs with increasing complexity. Here are some of my favorites.