Character Designs

Multi-Media Design and Animation

Project Overview - Mr. Creek

Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup is a procedural rogue-like video game where you create a character from preset classes and use what you find in the dungeon to survive. I created this character design extrapolating from the pixelized items and equipment from one of my successful completions of the game.

Project Overview - The Huntress

Original character concept for an ongoing webcomic project. An exploration of character for an Orc bounty hunter antagonist.

Project Overview - Dungeon Crawlers

More character designs/sheets for a handful of other characters from successful playthroughs of DungeonCrawl Stone Soup. A Draconian Wizard, Kobold Berserker, and Centaur Hunter. Bellow them are a Stone Giant, a Deep Troll, and an Ettin (two-headed ogre).

Project Overview - Dwarves

I like dwarves. These dwarves like to fight.